Starve the ego, feed the soul

Ego is who we think people want us to be. It is the obsession with appearance. How we look to other people,
if we are acting right, if we are pleasing them… Soul is who we really are. It is the obsession with what we really
want for ourselves. We might want to look good, to get a high paying job… for ourselves. Both are important
but we must find a way to use them strategically to reach what we really want. So if we forget about the external
and focus on the internal, we starve the ego and feed the soul, the inner self. and the external will change accordingly.

Patience and persistence

Life has a way of giving you what you want by making you go through stuff you don’t want. When you do something that
you’re passionate about, keep going. Even if you don’t get the results you expected, never stop. Do it because you love
doing it. No matter what feedback you get, no matter the results you get… nothing matters but your inner voice telling you
what to do and where to go. Thats your spirit trying to express its true self, and it knows what you are capable of. Great
things take time to come, because you have to be ready for it and be able to handle it. You have to. It is going to get hard
sometimes, when you even question if what you are doing makes sense and if you should continue. But remember why you
started. There will always be a bigger wall in front of you. Realize when you look at that wall you can just walk around it and
continue your path. In fact don’t even see it as a wall, see it as an opportunity to learn something new. Challenges are
here as a test, to see how bad you want it and how serious you are when you say you want it. There here to make you grow.
They say no tree can touch heaven if its roots don’t reach hell. You have to know what the dark is to be able to see the light.
keep in mind that the harder the path, the higher the calling. You came here to accomplish great things… don’t let that fall apart.

Mastering peace

You can be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time. That’s why you are in this realm, to learn and
experience. You are a divine being having a human experience. Not the other way around. You come from a place
of love, peace and perfection… Remembering yourself.


Energy doesn’t lie. When you feel like your peace, self respect, values are being threatened… walk away.
You don’t need those negative energies , thoughts and people to feed off of you. When you are high up, some people
below you will always want to bring you down to their level. When you have negative thoughts, you might let it
control your behavior and moods. Don’t let that happen. Remember that you can’t fight fire with fire. The only way to
stop and shield yourself form these energies is to peacefully accept them and walk away. Fighting against it even if you
have the best intention, will only make it worse and a bigger deal than it actually is. A peaceful mind, is an unstoppable mind.

Patiently creating

Everything is essentially energy. Matter, light, sound. Once you start seeing reality in terms of energy, you unlock the
secret to your true powers. Now the fundamental thing to realize is that thoughts are also energies. Once you think
a thought, you project into your reality that thought frequency which attracts similar frequencies. You literally
create your reality by thinking your reality. “What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine
you create” as Buddha said. Your heart also has a magnetic field, in fact bigger than that of the brain. This is where
emotions come into play. When you stay at a constant state of gratitude and love, which hold the highest frequencies,
you become a stronger magnet field and are able to manifest things into your reality at a much quicker rate. You are
a walking magnet constantly attracting what you are. speak into existence what you desire. Your voice is another tool you
need to use wisely. As it is also another vibration emitter. Anything you say you are, you are. What ever you put next to
the “I AM”, you are. Remember: Abracadabra “I create as I speak”.

Insanity is sanity

Be yourself no matter what people think about you. They will think you’re crazy if you talk about things they don’t
understand. And that’s okay.


Saying that you want something is confirming to yourself that you don’t already have it. Realize that happiness is
available to you at anytime since you have the power to change your thoughts, which in turn changes your moods.
Notice the miraculous design of your existence as everything in this universe works without a single error. Learn how
to love unconditionally, the good as well as the bad, practice detachment, and let go distractions. Just BE and
you will be happy, for you are happiness.

Searching within

Everything you are looking for is inside of you. Search deep enough and you’ll find all the answers. You will get to
know who you truly are for the first time. The source of your own strength as well as your limitations. If you want
to change what happens in the outside, you must first change what happens in the inside. Think positive, let go of
limiting beliefs, live from the heart, and don’t be a slave of the mind.

Dreaming awake

Life is but a dream. And the illusion is that the dream isn’t under your control. You are only pretending that you are
not god. Just for the sake of illustration, imagine you could dream thousands of years in one night doing what you
love and fulfilling all your wishes. At a certain point you would get tired and would want to dream a dream where
you don’t know whats going to happen to you, and forget that its a dream. To make it more interesting. And you would
come back from that dream shocked and excited. So you would think of more far out ways to get involved and let go
of control. Knowing that you will always come back to center at the end… and this is where you are now, in this room,
in this situation. And maybe thats what you’re doing.

Murky transformation

Awakening is a murky, and sometimes painful pushing out of your comfort zone. You might feel alienated, lost, and
everything might seem like it’s falling apart. During that period of time, you are facing the demons that you created.
You discover yourself and your oneness with the universe… it might be a bit frightening. But keep in mind that this
is required for your transformation. You must first destroy the you you were told to be. You can’t fill a cup thats already full.
So thats why it drains you and sheds the negative energy of off you so that you are able to receive the light and the new.
These storms are only trying to wash you clean. Let go of whatever is holding you back to make space for what empowers you.

Here and now

Stop living in the future, stop living in the past. It is wasted energy and thoughts that don’t determine the outcome of your
life. When you start living in the present, you start flowing with and aligning yourself with the universe. Thats when you
can listen and hear what it has to show you and teach you. Stop being distracted by unnecessary thoughts, stop
being stuck in the past. As the wake doesn’t drive the ship. Life is what you make it, and now is all that you have…
so make the most and get the most out of the now.

Let your inner king rise

You are inextricably connected to the infinite source… you are IT. You merely forgot your worth and your powers, so all
you have to do is awaken from the illusion that the world just happens to you. You create it. The process of awakening is a
tough, pushing one. You might feel lost and drained, but trust the process and remember yourself. Let your inner King rise… it is time.


We are not separated. We are all god with different masks pretending that we are not god. Awake from this illusion.
You are like a wave pretending that you are not the ocean. That’s the illusion, the dream that we are all in. We are all
fractals of this consciousness and all have the divine essence within us. We are centers at which the universe becomes conscious of itself.


Everything happens for a reason, even if it doesn’t satisfy your ego. You might not see the purpose right away but trust
that there is a reason why and a meaning behind it. Usually, answers are disguised as problems. And it’s how you
see the “problem” and react to it that determines the outcome. There is no right or wrong. Your higher self knows exactly
what you need to go through in order to grow. Don’t you see, you’ve been in a “bad” situation before and you thought
your world was going upside down… but you eventually healed and became stronger.

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